Piu Ánfora


Tribute to traditional wine. It ferments with its skins and rests in clay amphorae.

It is organic and we make it with Parrona. In Cazalla de la Sierra, Sierra Morena Natural Park in Seville. We harvest the grapes by hand in the second half of August, in vine stocks with more than 100 years, in strict dry land. On slopes where the red slate predominates.
It ferments on the skins about 10 days in the amphora, with manual punching down twice a day. Subsequently, the aging continues for 12 months in the same amphora on its lees, under a light flower veil. They are amphorae / clay jars with more than 200 years of old from the zone, with capacities between 800 and 1500 litres. All marked by a craftsman.
This project is an authentic recovery of traditional winemaking. Old winemakers say that the white wines in the area were made as red wines. Tread on the stone winery, fermented with its skins, and stored in the clay amphora during the year.
We bottle it between 12 and 13% vol. depending on the vintage. In a 750 ml burgundy bottle closed with a single piece cork cap. Very limited production of 1498 bottles.
It results in an amber wine. With ripe nuts. Elegant, unctuous and oily in mouth. Subtle and integrated astringency. It has a multitude of pairings.

Piu Ánfora Blanco

We are always accompanied by PIU, the bird scarer. PIU wines are our most tied to our culture madness.