Mirlo Barrica


Perfect balance between Viognier fruit and barrel aging.

It is ecological and made only with Viognier, a grape variety that was on the verge of extinction. It adapted perfectly to our home patch and climate.

Personality in its purest form. In Cazalla de la Sierra, Sierra Morena Natural Park in Seville.

We harvest the grapes by hand in mid-August, in vine stocks with more than 20 years, on trellis and strict dry land. On slopes with a loam clay soil where the red slate predominates.
We do pre-fermentation cold maceration, and soft pressing in vertical wooden press. It ferments without temperature control in 225 l. French oak barrels with two, three or four years of use, and medium or low roasting. That makes malolactic fermentation and aging in the same barrel for 6 months with periodic batonages. Then it stays from 3 to 6 months in the bottle.
We bottle it after a slight filtration, with 12 or 13% vol. depending on the vintage, but without residual sugar, and in a 750 ml burgundy bottle, lying in boxes of six, and closed with a single-piece cap made of natural cork.
It is a bright, straw-coloured and golden wine. With flowers, stone fruits and mineral records. Fleshy, enveloping and creamy. With sweet notes. Subtle roasted brought by the barrel. It has a multitude of pairings.

Mirlo Barrica

This vineyard is full of blackbirds, we are mad about them! PIU, the bird scarer, helps us. "Mirlo" are wines made with the grape variety Viognier, with or without wood.