Tierra Savia

Tierra Savia has always existed. It is a remembered wisdom that every generation – each one rooted in the land – has passed down to their descendants for hundreds of years until, finally, it was shared with us. Our names are José and Pedro and we’re lifelong friends. Our buddy Piu the bird scarer tags along too, always at our side.

We were all born and raised in the countryside, surrounded by the logic of nature. Though we left for a while, we learned and returned after hearing the voice of rural life call us back.

The village we selected as our winery’s home is Cazalla de la Sierra. This town is nestled in the heart of a protected natural jewel, Seville’s Sierra Morena biosphere reserve. From here, you can overlook the vast and varied Andalusian landscape to the south.

‘Cazalla de la Sierra is a village founded on a bedrock of limestone, clay and oak. Here we dwell, here we have our being and here we shall remain’.

We started planting our vineyards around a decade ago. Since then, we’ve added new and old parcels, extended, and relocated. While there are always rocky patches along a journey, we’re glad to say our path has seen more joy than sorrow.

In the end, we wound up turning an old workshop into a charming winery in the heart of Cazalla de la Sierra’s historic centre.

Along the way, we stumbled upon varieties that have seen centuries roll by. Soils replete with character. Incredibly unique weather and climate conditions. And an enthralling history of winemaking.

That’s when we knew we had to carry on the local winemaking tradition.

Our vineyards grow among Mediterranean hillside pastures dotted with cork and holm oak trees, where Iberian pigs and Merino sheep graze. At altitudes ranging from 600 to 900 metres, each of our plots has its own story and personality. Their gentle south-facing slopes feature strictly organic, dry-farmed vineyards.

The roots of our vines play a daily game of peek-a-boo with us as they burrow into fissures, seeking stable temperatures in red slate soils whose minerality leaves their mark on our wines.

The way we see it, to age wine is to actively guide its natural evolution by choosing among stainless steel, oak or terracotta vessels. When it comes to oak, we prefer used barrels with a medium toast. When clay is our chosen material, we prefer older earthenware.

Flowers and fruits are born anew each year. Mother Nature guides the living, creative energy contained in every oaken vat and each amphora according to her own order and wisdom.

Some of our wines age in clay amphora that were fired between 200 and 500 years ago. We’re convinced that clay remembers; this soil has an artisan soul. Each terracotta vessel is sculpted, signed and sealed by craftsmen and women whose wisdom transcends their humble livelihoods. Theirs is an art that rekindles tradition, remembers skill, revives culture.

The clay of our amphora gives our grapes the absolute freedom to express themselves and enables our wines to reconnect with the earth. We believe in a common shared memory.

Each vintage is a victory won in the name of heritage, an homage to those who have gone before us.

This is who we are. Come visit the winery and discover our wines. Tierra Savia is pleased to welcome you as our guest.